If someone is in imminent danger, call 911 or your local police immediately.

When to Contact EPI

If you have an emergency that requires an immediate law enforcement response, please call 911 or contact your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Department first.

El Paso Investigations is a private investigative and intelligence agency with jurisdiction in a wide range of  crimes and civil matters; cyber/computer crimes and intrusions; and intelligence activities that relate to those missions.

Please contact your local EPI office or submit a tip electronically if you have a private investigative matter about:

  • Information related to individuals listed on our Most Wanted page
  • Internal Employee Issues
  • External Risk Mitigation
  • Branding and Intellectual Property Protection
  • Corrupt activities in state, local, or federal governments or in law enforcement
  • Surveillance
  • Financial crimes that involve fraud
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic Computing
  • Interviewing
  • Evictions related to property recovery and property management
  • Skip tracking
  • Cheating spouse or significant other, infidelity
  • Asset Search
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Unsolved Crimes

See What We Investigate for more information on our areas of investigative responsibility.

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